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March 13, 2007


Chris Brown

Branding Ohio as a marketing hot spot will only do so much. We've got to prepare some ongoing programs of mentors and proteges to actually move it forward.

I did a post at the beginning of the month about the brain drain in Ohio...

Chris Brown
Branding and Marketing


Why should Ohio's top students pay premium prices to attend a state school,when for the same price they can go out of state to either an excellent public or private college? Unless, we find a way to lower tuition at Ohio's state universities, the brrain drain begins after the last dance on prom night. Turn off the lights the party is over. Ken


I found it very difficult to find a position in Northeast Ohio where I would be considered without 2+ years of direct hands-on experience in the field. While I have had three separate internships, none of them were considered "experience" by many companies that viewed my resume. This was very discouraging. Interesting Post.

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